Free Top High DA PDF Submission Sites List 2020-21

Updated Free Top High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Submission Sites List

PDF submission sites can be most useful to increase your website ranking in organic search on Google. This new and updated PDF submission website provides high-quality back-links to increase your website domain authority. Google will classify your PDF file just like normal web pages its content on the web.

You can also republish your content in other PDF submission websites. You can reuse your pdf content to increase your website visibility.

PDF files can contain text, embedded fonts,interactive buttons,hyperlinks,images,video etc. The PDF submission websites generate more relevant, useful traffic and provide Do-follow high quality back-links. This is the best way to promote a brand and create high-quality back-link for your website.

Here I am providing the best PDF submission websites with High PA, DA.

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What is PDF submission in SEO?

PDF Submission is an off page seo technique to gain backlink from these high DA,PA submission websites. Its an online marketing technique to get quality backlink and maximize your websites visibility in major search engines. It will also help increase referral traffic to your website.

5 Best Tips to create PDF Submissions

PDF Submission sites are the most valuable websites after document or powerpoint sharing sites. They allow uploading documents in both formats like (.pdf) and (.docx) formats.

PDF submission sites with instant approval to add PDF files, just click on the sign up button for registration and Use the upload button for PDF file upload.

Also add a good seo relevant title including keyword, seo relevant description including keywords and tags for the PDF File add a link in the space for description. Now press the submit or publish button. The job is now done.

Before starting PDF submission, I recommend you to keep available your content in HTML versions and PDF files.

Convert PDF into Readable Text

Convert all PDF files into text format.Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Adobe acrobat for scanned. It helps search engines to read your PDF file.

Your PDF Submission Page Title

Make your title attractive and clickable.Dont give a simple title to your PDF file. Give something better in the title that makes people click once they read your title. You can also visit coschedule(title generator website) for this. It will give you a ton of title ideas for your pdf file.

Use Alt Text

If any images & other graphics are used in your pdf submission, dont forget to include Alt Text (Alternate Text) to make search engines understand about images & other graphics.

Do Not Spam

Do not spam these websites with spam pdf content just to gain backlink. You can submit high quality PDF on these websites in return will it give tons of high quality relevant traffic and boost in organic ranking on google for your website.

Use keywords Rich Tags

Most pdf submission websites may allow you to insert tags but many pdf sites dont allow you to insert tags, but whos give permission to insert tag this will give you an opportunity to maximise your pdf visibility and bring some more traffic to pdf submission. So always use relevant keywords tags to get more relevant traffic & high visibility.


PDF Submission sites give you quality backlinks that boost your domain authority and website traffic in a short time.

Benefits of posting PDF File

Some most benefits of posting PDF files to the free PDF submission sites are given below:

  • Fast indexing by Google
  • Flexible to use flashy formatting content including images
  • Option to upload articles to multiple PDF submission sites without caring for duplication
  • Ease of adding affiliate links to PDF file

PDF submission websites can be very useful for ranking your website in search engines. PDF submission sites provide high quality backlink & relevant traffic to your site. I have listed down these pdf submission websites in order according to Moz Rank, PA and DA. PA, DA & Moz Rank changes from time to time so you can visit Bulk DA Checker website to check current DA,PA and MOZ Rank of PDF submission sites.

PDF submission is a regular SEO Task, If done carefully this can give your website high domain authority & increase your website reach with most relevant traffic.

Top Free Search Engine Submission Sites

Sr. Website DA PA
1. 99 57
2. 95 83
3. 95 86
4. 95 84
5. 94 57
6. 94 78
7. 94 80
8. 93 74
9. 92 65
10. 92 73
Sr. Website DA PA
11. 91 62
12. 91 68
13. 89 70
14. 88 54
15. 88 64
16. 87 74
17. 86 60
18. 84 64
19. 82 63
20. 81 63
Sr. Website DA PA
21. 81 65
22. 79 36
23. 79 58
24. 75 58
25. 74 56
26. 72 65
27. 71 61
28. 71 63
29. 69 62
30. 68 64
Sr. Website DA PA
31. 67 45
32. 67 55
33. 63 46
34. 63 34
35. 63 53
36. 62 64
37. 61 53
38. 61 51
39. 60 58
40. 56 49
Sr. Website DA PA
41. 55 57
42. 54 55
43. 53 38
44. 51 61
45. 50 55
46. 44 51
47. 42 52
48. 35 43
49. 34 39
50. 26 47
51. 21 43

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