Effective solutions for QuickBooks error 1402


QuickBooks is a real-time operating software utilized for bookkeeping and payroll by small organizations. It is a reliable software that oversees financial management and helps users in business accounting. Even being the best software there is, QuickBooks is prone to internal errors that force the software to behave abnormally.  QuickBooks error 1402 is one issue that arises while installing the software on the computer or a few seconds after installation. If you are also unable to install the software on your computer due to interruption from this error, stick to the blog till the end for its causes and the effective methods to rectify it.

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About this error

You will encounter this error during the installation of QuickBooks on your computer. The installation process will crash in between, or you will see an error message when you try to run the software after installation. QuickBooks will crash, or your computer can freeze for some seconds before responding back to your commands. This issue develops due to a damaged installation file or incompatible specifications of the system trying to run QuickBooks. The issue needs to be fixed for the successful installation of the software.


The conditions which cause the occurrence of this error are listed underneath-

  • The installation file was damaged or corrupted during the download, and the system cannot install the software from this damaged file.
  • The Windows Version you are using is outdated and doesn’t match the requirements of QuickBooks.
  • Damage to Windows components like MSXML or .NET framework can cause this installation issue.


The methods mentioned below will help you fix this error on your computer-

Solution 1- Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool available in the QB tool hub

QuickBooks Tool hub offers a way to rectify these issues that generally occur during the installation of the software on your computer. You must always use the latest version of QuickBooks Tool hub on your computer, which is available on the official website of QuickBooks. If you have already installed it, refer to the steps given below-

  1. Open the QuickBooks Tool hub on your computer.
  2. Click on Installation Issues in the menu.
  3. Select the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the drop-down list.
  4. Wait till the tool finishes the process.
  5. Restart your computer and reinstall QuickBooks.

Try the next solution if you still face issues while installing the software.

Solution 2- Update the version of Windows you are using

An outdated version of Windows can raise compatibility issues while running QuickBooks on your computer. It is best to keep your Windows updated to prevent many issues that can affect your system and the applications running in it. Follow the steps given below-

  1. Go to the search panel on the taskbar and type Windows update.
  2. Click on Check for Updates option on your screen and wait till the Windows find all the pending updates.
  3. If there’s any new version available, click on Download & Install to update your Windows.
  4. Restart your PC and try to reinstall QuickBooks.

The software will now install appropriately without any errors.


This is the end of our blog that describes QuickBooks error 1402 and the possible causes for it to occur. We also included the solutions to this error and expect that the error will be fixed after you execute the methods mentioned. If any issue persists, feel free to get in touch with our QB support team.