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Online Bookmarks - Fast Way for Bookmarks Your URL's

  • Save your URL's in online resources for easy access anytime, anywhere in world

  • Annotate your web pages directly as you browse online

  • Organize your links, references and personal input to create a structured research base through Androidshaper

  • In the world of internet Share your research with friends, classmates, colleagues or associates


What is Social Bookmarking site?

Social bookmarking sites is a way where Users save links to web pages that they like or want to share, user's using a social bookmarking site to store these links.These social bookmarks are usually public, and can be viewed by other members of the website where they are stored URL's of Website. Examples of social bookmarking sites include reddit and digg.com.

What type of websites should you bookmark?

You should bookmark sites that you need to visit and do not want to often remember the URL for, like forums sites, web blogs, ecommerce sites, bank sites, reference sites and account login sites. A "bookmark" is a website address that you manually save to your Web browser of choice for easy retrieval."bookmarks" have a functions, but the name of the one you using depends on the browser.

Can others see which sites your are bookmark?

When you bookmark a site you can set it is private (accessible only you) then nobody show your bookmarks or if bookmark is public (access to anybody using that bookmarking site) then everybody see your bookmarks and like share and report. Your bookmarks can then be shared with friends, followers in different social medium like Facebook, Twitter etc (depending on your settings).

How do you see your posts?

first you go to login page and submit your details in androidshaper. if you don't have an account then first you create an account and submit a post in androidshaper. after that go to left side click on your name, dropdown menu will be appeared and show many option like edit profile show profile submitted etc. click on submitted menu and show your all submitted posts in androidshaper.

How much we charge for our services?

We not any charge if you using our service.first you need to signup even if you charge a fixed fee for the whole activity in androidshaper. This online social bookmarking sites service is fully FREE. We dont' any charge you anything and do not send spam to your registered email address. We only use your email address to store for send you message about your account or your password when you forget your password then you make a request for reset your password..

How to use androidshaper social bookmarking sites

Use Androidshaper social bookmarking sites is a very easy task. if you a new member in androidshaper then submit your details in signup form. after that go to login page and submit your details.now in menubar click on submit a url button. after you show url section then submit your url and submit after that enter your details like title descriptions keywords and click on submit button. now your post will show on new posts page.

Can I access my bookmarks when I am not carrying my Computer?

Yes you can access your bookmarks in anywhere in the world. Actually you can access your bookmarks from anywhere in the world. Just visit our website Androidshaper - High DA PA Social Bookmarking Site and submit your Username (the one you registered androidshaper), enter your password and now you are ready to access your all bookmarks in Androidshaper - High DA PA Social Bookmarking Site.

Can you submit social profile's in androidshaper

Yes , Why not. You can submit your social profile URL,s in androidshaper. first you login using login credentials in androidshaper. after that you go to your edit profile in menubar. then you can submit your social profile's URL's and caick tha submit button. your your social profile associated with androidshaper.